My favorite 2 ingredient smoothie!

I am a smoothie freak! I also just realized this one does have 2 ingredients but I forgot that I added plant-based protein powder, so really… has 3! 

I’ve been using one of the two combo’s:

Kale + Apple 

Kale + Mango 

Then I either add plain, vanilla or chocolate plant-based protein powder depending on my mood. Which ones you ask? Either OrGain, SunWarrior, Amazing Grass or Growing Naturals. All available at health food stores & Heather approved. 


What exactly is Holistic Health?

This is how Holistic Health works: It takes the whole person into consideration when assessing their state of health. This is how I was trained—to treat the patient as a whole, not by their “problem.” Their problem can be attributed to many factors in their life. Holistic Health encompasses: Food, Spirituality, Finances, Relationships, Exercise, Career & Social Habits. The belief that all areas of a person are connected. 

Are you lovable?

Love is powerful! The most important kind is self-love. You have to become the type of person that you can love when you look in the mirror. THEN, you’ll have the ability to love others. Are you lovable to yourself? 

Xo, Heather 

Banana Date Smoothie Recipe

Check out my recipe on Further Food. This recipe is one that I make if I ever want something a little sweeter w/ higher calorie content to keep me satiated longer. Dates are great for adding a little more calories & sweetness. Add some cinnamon to it & it tastes like a cinnamon roll! (Photo courtesy of Further Food).

Join my Clean Eating Challenge!

Clean Eating Love Yourself CG

Hi All! If you are interested in doing a free 7 Day clean eating / love yourself challenge….please join my Facebook event! It starts Feb 7 and runs until Feb 13. You will be joined by other like-minded people who are there to support you and have fun! I’ll post a grocery shopping list and a meal plan each night before the next day. Let’s have fun!

Here is the Facebook event link:

xo, Heather